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SMALL-DESIGN is run by the Danish design duo 

Eglantine Charrier & Anja Lykke.


We have developed a new series of children’s furniture in a functional, colorful and geometric design. They are designed in a simple Scandinavian design language. Our inspiration has been children’s intuitive approach to their surroundings using furniture actively in their play.


We have aimed to make a collection of children's furniture, which have more than one function (table and chair in one, can be stacked for play, grow with the child, etc.). The simple stylish look makes the furniture a beautiful fit to a children's room, but fits equally well in the living room, kitchen, hall or a waiting room.


Danish design and production:

We have deliberately chosen to produce our furniture at a Danish carpentry. With a Danish production, we can ensure high production quality, and reduce the environmental impact from transportation from for instance low production cost countries . The furniture are quality workmanship, they are very durable and will last for several generations use.



Our furniture are made of birch plywood with laminate and applied two layers of white pigmented lacquer which makes them very durable and easy to clean. They are available in several colors


The furniture are produced to order, and we only sell our furniture online. This ensures that we can deliver a very high quality product at reasonable prices.


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